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Mains Questions:


Paper 1:

  1. “The relative lack of women in the top positions in business has its roots far earlier in the talent pipeline that runs from enrollment in tertiary education to entry-level positions, middle management, and the boardroom.” Discuss.

Source: Indian Express



  1. As per a recent survey, India is perceived as the most dangerous country for women. Do you agree? Comment on the initiatives undertaken by the government for ensuing safety and security of women in the country.



Paper 2:

  1. What is Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA)? Discuss the issues to be resolved before India signs this agreement.

Source : Indian Express


   2. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, is intended to be supportive of religious minorities facing persecution in neighbouring  Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But members of those communities living in the three countries do not seem to welcome the proposed amendment. Discuss.


Source :India Express


Paper 3:

  1. India continues to lag peers in access to internet and smartphones, shows a new global survey. In this context, do you think ‘Digital India’ remains a distant dream? Comment.

Source : Livemint


  1. The ISRO is planning to launch a mission to the south side of the moon, where it will look for traces of water and deposit of helium-3 isotope which could be used for generating waste-free nuclear energy. Given the position of India, do you think the government should focus on eradicating poverty instead of spending billions on such missions? Critically comment.

Source :Business Today

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